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Pictured from L/R Marengo Rescue Board President Scott Higgins, Marengo Fire Board President John Freund, Fire/Rescue Chief Robert Bradbury, Marengo Fire/Rescue Association President Patrick Fanning

This past month the Marengo Fire/Rescue Association purchased and put into service two Strycker Power Cots to be placed on our two front line ambulances. Total cost for the cots was $28,800 which was raised through fundraising, and donations from the community. Throughout the year we run several fundraising events such as the pancake breakfast, golf outing, and bingo. The money raised is used to support community charities, burn camp, and to purchase equipment that would otherwise be unattainable due to budget constraints. As a department we are constantly looking for ways to improve safety and reduce the risk of injury. Each of these cots has a lifting capacity of 700lbs., which will allow us to lift our patients in a much safer manner and reduce the risk of back injuries. The cots are powered using an 18 volt rechargeable battery and a small hydraulic pump that are mounted under the bed portion of the cot. Each of the cots came with a warranty and yearly maintenance package to ensure a long life expectancy.
On behalf of the Trustees, Officers, and Staff of the Marengo Fire and Rescue Districts we would like to thank the businesses and citizens of the community for your continued generosity. With your support we will be able to continue to provide a level of service that is expected from our citizens.